Grant of phd/mphil/)L.L.M Allownce

Government of punjab finance department issued notification dated on 22 August 2019 in connection with grant of phd/mphil allownce

In this letter directed to refer to the subject and state that hitherto phd/mphil degree was allowed to government servant where they were in possession of the same over and above the eligibility criteria of the post and it was not allowed where phd/mphil degree was part of the eligibility criteria of a post. Now, in suspension of all previous notification, issued from time to time, governer of punjab is pleased to decide that the PhD/Mphil allownce will be admissible, w.e.f01-8-2019, under the following terms and conditions.

1-PhD /mphil degree allownce is allowed to all government servants, across the board, working under the administrative control.

2- It will be admissible to the employees of those statutory bodies /semi autonomous organisation

3- PhD degree holder will be entitled to draw rs. 10000/per month as PhD degrees allowance and Mphil /LLM degrees holder’s will be entitled to draw @5000 per month

Further details is mentioned below

Special thanks to ch shahid for sending the copy of this notification for the welfare of concern employees of punjab government.

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