Splendid news about government of Punjab employed government of the Punjab local govt .& community development department issue a notification about to the up gradation of the Post of account Clark

Government of the Punjab local govt & community development department ha’s issue a notification about of the approval’s of competent authority, sanction is here by accorded to the up-gradation of the Post of account Clark from Bs11 to Bs15 with effect from 26-7-2017 in the lg&CD department by exempting the condition envisaged in finance department […]

Government of the punjab finance department issued a notification dated 3 September 2019 in connection with the clarification regarding up _gradation of posts

Ministry of finance issuesd a notification in connection with I am directed to refer to this department notification nos. Fd. Pc. 39_14/77(pt_iv)(apca)/08dated 4-12016 fd-pc40-80 /2015 dated 26-72017 and all over orders under which up_gradation was allowed to certain employees. And to state that a question has arisen as to whether the length of service for […]


Punjab local government board lahore issue a notification about 16&above employees time scale promotion punjab local government board in its meeting held on 21-08_2019 the finance department circular letter no فیڈ. Pc. 40-12/2017 dated 19-4-2019, for time scale promotion to the officers in bps16&above along with subsequent clarification circular letter dated 10-7-2019 & 26-7-2019 are […]


Government of the punjab services & General administration department (Regulations wing) has a notification the powers confirmed under section 23 of the public civil act 1974 (vlll of 1974) governor of the punjab is placed to make the following amendments in the punjab provincial management service rules 2004 with immediately effect AMENDMENT In the punjab […]

Discontinuation of civil sectriat allowance, governor’sectriat/House allownce for those offices who entitled for grant of the executive allowance

Government of punjab, finance department issued notification dated on 29 July 2019 in connection with executive allowance. In this notification in pursuance of cabinet decision and under the provisions of section 23 of punjab civil servant act, 1974,the governer of punjab is pleased to discontinue grant of civil sectriat allowance @50 % of basic pay, […]

Rate of mark_up on state provident funds i_e general provident fund for the fiscal year 2018-2019 in punjab

Government of the punjab finance department has been issued a notification dated 31 July 2019 mark up rate in punjab Finance department has been decided that 14.35 %profit rate per annum will apply during the financial year. 2018-2019 to the state provident fund General provident fund. This rate would not apply in the case of […]

Clarification about admissibility of adhoc relief allowances 2016 on promotion

Government of punjab ,issued notification/letter on 2019 in connection with clarification about admissibility of adhoc relief allownces 2016 on promotion/upgradation by punjab government.  Detail is as under:- This letter/notification  is from finance department. In this letter/notification addressed to all department about clarification about admissibility of adhoc relief allownces 2016 on promotion This letter/notification  is about […]